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Behold the Children of the Atom
Mutant Puberty Rocks!

If there's one thing I can be labeled a fanatic over it's the Xmen. And proudly. A little background history for the neophytes who have unwarily stumbled onto this page.

The Xmen were created in the 60's by Stan Lee. The basic concept is they're a group of young people with a specific mutation in there DNA that imbues them with one superhuman ability or the other. Some of these lucky or unlucky chaps (depends on your point of view) have more than one power as they're more commonly referred to in the X universe.
As a result of their fantastic abilities, they are feared, hated and scorned by the rest of "normal" humanity. This is understandable seeing as with a single thought just one of these mutants can reenact Hitler's gas camps and large scale genocide. Understandable but not tolerable. Adding to normal humanity's resentment is the idea that mutants represent the next order of man on Darwin's evolutionary scale. These freaks are the future of mankind and the normals or genetic dead ends are on the way out.

The Xmen are a select group of mutants gathered (most of them) by Professor Charles Xavier in a campaign at the heart of which is the noble goal of human mutant coexistence. This goal has turned out to be a mirage. So seemingly unattainable that in recent years the mutant Joseph,  Francis Xavier has been forced to question the reality of  his dream and ponder the question if the path to his goal lies midway between his dream and the methods of his nemesis Eric Magnus Lensherr aka . 

Growing up, comics took up a good portion of my recreation and are yet to loosen their grips on my imagination. Thankfully I 'm not the only person in this lovely predicament or I would be questioning my mental stability. In any case, the Xmen for me are a means of escape from reality, a fascinating story on prejudice and triumph and the inherent nobility of man.  Yuck, I disgusted myself with that corny sentence. In any case......

I  religiously collect Xmen. For X-maniacs out of the loop read on.
Unless you've been in some dark corner of the planet, you know that the X roster has been changed. Gone ar the original five, Maggott and Reyes. But I've got good news for you. Read on.
Xavier has been found after his disappearance during Operation Zero Tolerance. In this messy fandango Cerebro gained sentience but now that's supposedly over. Knowing Marvel, it may resurface years later with some explanation of how it never really expired. Colossus, Nightcrawler, Shadowcat and Gambit are back on the team. Maggott's left for parts unknown. Bishop should be back from space soon as in early next year. Gambit's own series has begun and good ol' Fabe Nicieza is its scribe. The Magneto War story line is the next thing in store for the X mythos and the enigmatic Joseph's origin should be revealed shortly.  The original five return in the middle of the year or so. It's being kept hush hush what exactly they'll be doing. As long as Iceman's using his powers like he did in AOA I'm happy. Oh yeah, a return to the metallic wings for Warren already!
And bring Maggott back.
Kelly and Seagle are off. For the interim Alan Davis is scribe. The permanent replacement  remains anyone's guess.
Breaking from the X, Spiderman is being relaunched. The clone saga really did a number on Spidey. Maybe this will teach those "geniuses" (notice my cynicism) to leave well enough alone.

Storm and Marrow have arrived at some sort of compromise. Rogue tried to get rid of her powers but changed her mind. The team's being cut down to seven. Let the wailing begin. Psylocke just "lost" her telepathy giving room for that shadow ability she got after exposure to the Crimson Dawn to take center stage. Or so I think. Dear old Betts also has something to do with the head muckers - psions- losing their telepathic gifts. I'm waiting for Archangel's wings to transform from the pantywaist feathers to that cool metal or something even better. Ozymandias kinda hinted that Apocalypse had further plans for him. After the metallic wings with their neuro-paralyzing flechettes, feathers just won't do. Cannonball's leaving which is good. He wasn't even a shadow of his X-force self. Good ol' Creed now has adamantium. A moment of silence for our favorite export from Canada. Bishop's still with Deathbird in space. I know I'm not the only one who thinks he should be brought back. It's been hinted that he'll return to regular marvel Universe continuity after events in Team X 2000 which comes out late this year. I'd like to see him interact with Maggott. Where is SugarMan? Holocaust? What's for certain though is that Nightcrawler, Colossus and Shadowcat return. I kinda like this. It seems Charles will also resurface. Lest I forget, the cajun you either love or hate, Gambit, returns as well. This I like. I don't understand how the three new characters to join the children of the atom can just be cast off like that ...Waitaminit, yes I do. This is Marvel. Of the new Xmen, Maggott's my favorite. This guy's got potential oozing out his nostrils and gushing out his ears, not to mention his ego, that baffling charisma, and those two giant slugs. One more thing, Maggott was introduced as a big dude. Even when not powered up and in blue form, he was tall as seen in Xmen #72 and on the cover of Uncanny Xmen # 350. Keep him big and stop changing characters on us! It's rumored he's going to be traded to the minors, specifically the direction lacking Generation X. He goes to battle their biggest nemesis, Emplate. How tragic. From intimidating Cain Marko singlehandedly ( he wasn't even blue-juiced!) to messing around with the dregs. To wit, Orphan Maker, Nanny, and oh yes, let's not forget the mighty Emplate. If any Marvel bigwig is reading this, please keep Maggott and Iceman ( a demigod during the Age of Apocalypse) on the team. Baring that please let him get promoted to the big leagues soon. Soon like in two issues, better yet kill off someone - just not Bobby.
Whine time: If Iceman's got his powers figured out now and is in more control than ever, why the heck isn't it being portrayed? Enough with the ice shields, this guys an offensive guru waiting to be unleashed. With all that potential, he should be on the offensive a lot more than the defensive. Enough with that bull about psychological barriers. It's been over thirty freaking years and the guy's straight with his dad now. It should be kick ass time. I may be the only one but I prefer Bobby's rocky ice form. It's a lot more intimidating and in mutant wars, that psychological advantage helps. And with the new powers, I think the ice slide should be relegated to second fiddle. Let's consider the possibilities like wafting in on atmospheric moisture. Talk about stealth. Eat your heart out Logan. And since water seems to be in almost everything, this guy should be rocking the joint. Back in Xmen 45 ( I think) he pulled his version of Reed Richards and was in the stratosphere without the ice slide. Sure it looks cool, but it's a liability. Just check out Xmen #1.

Since I brought up the Fantastic Four, I can't help compare, try to compare is the better phrase, the human torch to Iceman. We've got two "elemental" wielders here. Why then is one a lot more developed and feared in the Marvel Universe when they both are of equal potential? You mull that over for a while and you begin to see my point. If not, I'll introduce you to the one on my sword! Oh yeah, and when are we going to see the molecular inversion transportation schtick in this reality? C'mon guys, don't back off now, let's see Bobby become a major player like Wolverine. The guy nailed the almighty Onslaught when Jean couldn't even sense him/it and nailed a sentinel by his lonesome (Xmen 55 or 56) There's no question he's got the power. Hey! Who threw that tomato? Alright! I'm getting off my soapbox. Sheesh!!

Other favored titles include Spiderman (sans the clone disaster), Avengers, Fantastic Four, Captain America (The Waid era), Iron Man, and Batman. Andy Kubert is set to pencil Captain America while Ron Garney moves on to a brand spanking new Cap title. All the success on earth to Andy who was incredible during his Xmen run .
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I'll be beefing up this section of the Dark Realm in the not too distant future. Be sure to catch another wave to this  corner.